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Getting to Your Organisation

The first step in becoming a CanangaSoft client is to help us get to know your organization. Please fill out our Contact Form below. The form helps us research your organization. We need to learn about your industry, your organization's causes and the kinds of events that you hold for your members or supporters.

Interview & Worksheet

Once we have your information, one of our team members will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting to narrow down the kinds of services or support you need. We will get your complete requirements of your need and process for further research to offer you a best solution with affordable price.

Requirement Analysis

CanangaSoft team of software development experts and business analysts come together and astutely analyze your requirements to offer you a best solution. We will identify your project scope from the requirement analysis report and one of team members will get in touch with you again to discuss more details about the project.

Project Planning & Starting

CanangaSoft will provide you a complete project plan for standalone your projects. We can also provide project agreement. You can review both project plan and agreement. If there is any amendment we can discuss them and process for modification on both project plan & agreement. Then we initiate the project.

Contact us to Become Our Client

We make becoming our client an easy process. Right from the start we make the focus of our work YOU and your needs, objectives, cost and time horizon. The better we know you, the better we will be able to anticipate your needs going forward. We do not rely on a standard questionnaire to get to know you. Instead we have a conversation, or many conversations, in order to allow both you and us to learn all we can about each other.

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Our Awards from our Clients

Passionate & Determined

Valued Business Partner

We know that positivity and passion is contagious and working with a group of people all focussed on the same target gives us a huge sense of comradeship and drive.
Open & Honest Relationships

Best Customer Service

Treating customers fairly is central to our standards of conduct & we believe that the best way we can deliver this is by listening to you, & providing the products & services you need, to make it easier for you to manage.
Deliver WOW through Service

Professionalism & Dedication

Our team is hired with the expectation that they work in the best interest of the customers & given the tools & authority to make decisions. Honesty, & accountability are the guideposts are every decision and action.

Client Programmes

Our experts work closely with you and your team to develop innovative solutions to solve your toughest challenges. Explore some of the ways we collaborate with you to change the way to increase your turnover.
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