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The business intelligence supports ascertaining conditions and decision-making through searching and multidimensional analysis of massive volumes of data to identify useful information and conduct data mining, summarising the results in easily understandable graphs, tables, and reports.

  • Track & Manage Service Requests
  • Customer Profiling & Engagement
  • Customize Tag Module
  • Roll based access control

Customers now expect to receive service from organisation on the channel of their choice, which might be voice, email, SMS/text, web, mobile or social media. The ERMS is linking with said channels and tracking each request efficiently. Users inform their service request status, status updates via SMS and Emails.

  • Omni channel request tracking
  • Notifications Management
  • Real time report module
  • Performance measurement

ERMS is providing convenient view on many devices, browsers & mobiles. Requests can be submitted via customisable web forms provided by ERMS. You can associate these custom fields to single or multiple categories, use these fields to manage additional contacts, ticket specific information etc.

  • System user dashboards
  • Custom fields
  • Mobile view
  • API integration

Your Main
Benefits are

  • Managing the diverse channels & multiple touch points.
  • Unifying all customer information in one place as per need.
  • Faster responses and enabling customer satisfaction.
  • Role based Access Control.
  • Measure Performance & enhance overall customer service efficiency.
  • Generate Business Information for future business decisions.
  • Affordable compete Solution.
  • Skilled, experienced and friendly staff.

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