About Us

CanangaSoft has built up an enviable reputation for providing an innovative and cost-effective IT solutions, consultancy & research to a portfolio of businesses in the UK. The Company engages with an increasingly global workforce which will change dramatically in the next ten years. Opportunities and challenges lie ahead for us all and we are optimistic and confident about our future and yours with us. Our track record demonstrates flexibility, resilience and understanding in regard of shifting trends. Following our assessment of your basic requirement, we will draw up a clear and tailored plan that contains details of what analytically appears to be the best solution for your firm. We will refine and redraft the plan after further discussion direct with you, in order to meet your individual needs. We commit our self to providing for you first-class IT support & solution from our company that is capable, knowledgeable and flexible.

Our Vision

To provide quality and reliable information technology business solutions with professional and unparalleled customer service while enhancing all stakeholders' values by embracing sound, ethical business practices.

Our Mission

To provide the business community with quality Information Technology business information solutions, reliable and professional Technical Support, and unparalleled Customer Service through the application of the principles of CanangaSoft's, and to earn a fair profit for our employee-owners and stakeholders by embracing sound, ethical business practices.

Our Slogan

"Offer information & solutions where universally expectable"

Corporate Responsibilities

CanangaSoft believes that a company culture based on core values not only helps our business, but also defines the role that we can and should play in society.

  • We identify and act upon new opportunities to apply our technology and expertise to societal problems.
  • We scale our existing programs and initiatives to achieve maximum benefit.
  • We empower our employees and others to serve their communities.
  • We integrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility into every aspect of our company.

CanangaSoft has developed a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship that we believe aligns with CanangaSoft's values and maximizes the impact we can make as a global enterprise. We focus on specific societal issues, including the environment, community economic development, education, health, literacy, language and culture.